Castlevania Season One

The recently released first season of Castlevania was amazing. In just four thirty minute episode characters were introduced and developed as well as a story being established. From Dracula’s reason for unleashing Hell upon earth, to Trevor Belmont taking up whip and sword to defend the innocent. Amazing characters, mixed with a perfect voice cast, wonderfully choreographed action sequences, and bits of humor to break up the tension. It really reminds me of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, giving you the same dark atmosphere, moments of dread that send fear tingling up your spine that are broken apart by short moments of laughter that you’re surprised to find in such a dark story. It leaves you asking yourself, who is the true monster as you try to come to terms with Dracula’s choices.

I’m incredibly excited for season two which will be eight episodes long and will finally pit our heroes against the father of all vampires, Dracula. I highly recommend you give it a try.


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